Where were our media two years ago?

Plus, the sordidness of many Canadian progressives. From Terry Glavin:

This Is Not A Story About Free Speech. This Is Not A Story About National Security.
When Galloway visited Ottawa two years ago, he was every bit as famous as he is now. He was the guest of honour at a publicly-advertised 74th birthday party for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. The SSNP is an unambiguously fascist movement with shiny boots and uniforms, its own distinctive swastika, and an anthem sung to the tune of Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles.
Not one Canadian news organization reported Galloway’s Ottawa visit.
… [now] the usual pundits took pains to affirm the virtue of their own avant-garde tastes and prejudices by condescending to explain that Galloway is really just a flamboyant British philanthropist, and Ottawa was being mean to him because of his humanitarian work among the Palestinians, and well, you know, the Jews were being beastly about it.
Do you notice how this commentariat consensus wouldn’t be so ubiquitous if some Zionist cabal was controlling the media in Canada? Good. Thank you for noticing. Here’s something else you will want to notice.
George Galloway is what we used to call a fascist thug. But nowadays, his Canadian fan base, his megaphone-carriers and his booking agents include New Democratic Party MPs, Bloc MPs, the Council of Canadians, the Ottawa Peace Assembly and a legion of student leaders, trade unionists and “anti-war” activists.
Whatever name you want to give this phenomenon, it hasn’t been getting the attention it properly deserves. It’s been underway for quite some time.
We should be paying attention.

Mark C.
Update: Love those Drink-Soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for WAR

3 thoughts on “Where were our media two years ago?

  1. Norman Spector says:

    Now that he’s spoken to Canadians, where are the substantive critiques by all the pundits who prefaced their Voltarian support for free speech with negative comments about Galloway? Or do they agree with him?

  2. Terry Glavin says:

    Where, indeed. But you and I both hail from the city that only last week gave the world the entertaining story of Carole James, Mabel Elmore and the Giant Zionist Bus Drivers From Mars, so perhaps we can claim to be a bit canny about these things. Can you imagine what a folk hero Elmore would be by now if the secret Zionist Bus-Stop Death-Ray Machine story had unfolded in the Annex?
    I don’t mean to be saucy about Toronto. I actually love Toronto.
    Just wondering out loud is all.

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