Fiysler, McGuinty, and—Brampton?

Driving down memory lane, just under a year ago:

McGuinty pitching Ontario to Fiat
McGuinty is meeting today in Turin with senior officials from auto giant Fiat in a bid to secure a new car plant that would aid Ontario’s struggling manufacturing sector.
“We’ve heard that Fiat has at least a high-level interest in a new North American assembly plant, so I’m going to meet with them directly, let them know that if they are contemplating doing that, we are very interested and we bring a lot to the table,” the premier said in London.
While McGuinty declined to say whom at Fiat he is meeting, the company’s CEO is Sergio Marchionne, an Italian-Canadian raised in Toronto and educated there and in Windsor [in fact a University of Windsor graduate]…

Should Fiysler actually happen, how about Brampton for that plant? Not greenfield, and whether it could be re-tooled in any reasonable time…By the way, Fiat ain’t exactly happily out of the woods itself:

In December, Marchionne predicted that, in the wake of the global recession, only six carmakers may survive. “We’re going to end up with one American house, one German of size; one French-Japanese, maybe with an extension ion the U.S.; one in Japan; one in China and one other potential European player,” he told Automotive News Europe. The capacity threshold for survival, he said, is at least 5.5 million cars a year.
But clearly, Marchionne sees a Fiat-Chrysler combination — as a would-be survivor as well…

Mark C.

2 thoughts on “Fiysler, McGuinty, and—Brampton?

  1. Half Canadian says:

    One Japanese survivor? Toyota, Honda and Subaru should all be fine (though Subaru being bought out?). But there is no way that Honda or Toyota goes under in ten years. It too the General more than 20 to reach this state.
    Mitsubishi, I can see folding.
    Mazda, Nissan and Suzuki are foriegn owned (right?).

  2. Greg says:

    Suburu was bought out by Toyota a few years ago, former Suburu plants in the US were retooled to build Camry’s because Toyota needed the capacity at the time. I agree that Honda and Toyota will both survive.

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