6 thoughts on “Why are the pretty ones always insane?

  1. Blair says:

    The most damning thing about this story is that somehow our Celebrity-Worship culture allows a Playboy Bunny to obtain a sufficient platform to wade into “cutting edge” discourse in the fields of biological science and medicine.
    Chaulk it up to the War on Logic.
    What a joke … a sad, pathetic joke.

  2. Dara says:

    Apparently this ridiculousness is all the rage in California. Parents can simply provide a letter to the school and send their little epidemiological time bombs into the classroom without vaccinations.
    It seems to be more prevalent amongst the well off. I would guess that’s because being hospitalized for a preventable disease isn’t a luxury that the poor can afford for their children.
    What will end this isn’t people “smartening up”, that’s a fairy tale. Any health care costs incurred by outbreaks of these preventable diseases should be shouldered by the parents of un-vaccinated children.
    Jenny would smarten up if she was on the line for her child’s classmates treatments, hospital bills, rehabilitation, and their parent’s lost wages from quarantine, she’d be made to smarten up.
    Either that or she’d have put in extra shifts sucking the chrome off of trailer hitches. (Full points to anyone for getting that reference, and it’s not as mean as it sounds)

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