A brief history of sports curses

At Cracked.com, of course. Note that the former Quebec Nordiques and Cleveland Browns (1.0) won championships almost as soon as they moved and changed their names.
Why didn’t Newcastle United (no First Division/Prmeier League championships since 1927, no F.A. Cups since 1955, no trophies of any consequence since 1968) or the Leafs (’nuff said) make the list? There’s a difference between being cursed and just plain sucking, I guess.
Damian P.

One thought on “A brief history of sports curses

  1. Jim Whyte says:

    No Muldoon Curse? Worked on the Black Hawks from 1927-1967. Coach Pete Muldoon cursed the Hawks with never winning the NHL regular season. The Demers curse is a made-up curse, one that Cracked thought it needed to bring one hockey thing into the story.
    And no Curse of the Babe? One number: 2004.

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