Some days, I really hate the internet

This kind of story is horrible enough without blog commenters trying to convince me that:
– “the killer was a conservative Republican provoked into killing immigrants by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh;”
– “the killer was a Muslim, because he was initally described as ‘Asian’;” and,
– “the shootings never would have happened if I’d been there, because I’m a tough guy who would taken him down with one shot.”
You know who you are.
Damian P.

3 thoughts on “Some days, I really hate the internet

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    I used to think blog comments were bad until I saw the comments people leave for newspaper stories.

  2. Brian says:

    I also agree , however when you look at the CBC report , they never mention ethnicity of the shooter unless it happens to be a WASP.
    Meanwhile other US sources have been quoted as …
    ” …The gunman reportedly was a 42-year-old man of Asian descent and lived in the Binghamton suburb of Johnson City. Jiverly Voong, who also goes by the name Linh Phat Voong, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a local law enforcement official told The Associated Press. Officials, however, would not identify the shooter during the news conference. …”
    The left-wing press was ready to pounce if the shooter was a religious right-wing nut-case , gun toting NRA member of the Republican party … but by and large the MSM will remain muted.

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