Taliban Sharia law in action: where’s the Canadian outrage?

It looks as if Afghan President Karzai will do something about a law–not in effect–that would apparently put Shia women in the country under Sharia law (the Shia, almost all Hazaras, are some 20% of the population, a number rarely mentioned in the Canadian media).
Now where are all those Canadians insisting that the government demand the Pakistani government restore its authority in Swat valley and get rid of Sharia law there? I mean, this is actually happening as a result of Pakistani government decisions:

Video of Taliban Flogging Rattles Pakistan
The video shows a young woman held face down as a Taliban commander whips her repeatedly with a leather strap. “Leave me for the moment — you can beat me again later,” she screams, pleading for a reprieve and writhing in pain.
Paying no heed, the commander orders those holding her to tighten their grip and continues the public flogging. A large group of men quietly stands and watches in a circle around her.
…The images, which have been broadcast repeatedly by private television news networks in Pakistan, have caused outrage here and set off bitter condemnation by rights activists and politicians.
They have also raised questions once again about the government’s decision to enter into a peace deal in February that effectively ceded Swat to the Taliban and allowed them to impose Islamic law [emphasis added].
The two-minute video is the first known case of a public flogging of a woman in Swat. Apparently shot on a cellphone and widely circulated in the picturesque valley, it demonstrates vividly how the Taliban have used public displays of punishment to terrify and control the local population…

The video is here, should you choose…And a sample of the Afghan Taliban executing justice, when in power, is here.
Yet quite a few Canadians say we must negotiate with the Taliban [note the date]–and want us to end our military mission right away.
More on the Afghan law outburst here. My point is simply that quite a few of those howling are really doing so because, in their minds, it strengthens their case that Canada should not be militarily involved in Afghanistan at all. Look how awful the government is (actually might be)! We are complicit! Troops out now!
Yet that ignores the reality that the Canadian military presence, along with that of others (larger in several cases, especially the Americans), actually gives foreigners the clout to press the Afghan executive and legislature to rework the law. When the Taliban were in power there was no such possibility.
Returning to motive. That was the point of this post. And of the Update thought at the preceding link drawing attention to the free pass so many give China in order to attack the Conservative government. More on related hypocrisy here.
Mark C.

5 thoughts on “Taliban Sharia law in action: where’s the Canadian outrage?

  1. Raphael says:

    Canadian outrage is often very selective. In the case of Afghanistan, the outrage occurs when it suits our political purposes. The marital rape law outrage allowed the left to call for immediate withdrawal citing the law as the reason why our presence there is illegitimate. But they can’t muster the same outrage for human rights abuses where their political agenda doesn’t come into play. For them it’s all about the anti-war agenda.

  2. Roger says:

    Jason Kenny did Galloway a favour because just imagine all the Canadian Media shoving a Mic in his face to get a response on his views that the West has no right to impose their values in Muslim Countries.
    Galloway endorses hamas and Shariah law , so Where’s the feminist outrage in Toronto over the United Church giving Galloway credit and running a Political video in a Church that has a Charity status .
    Plus, the United Church endorses gay marriage and abortion which Hamas and Shariah law opposes.
    Truly amazing hop 2 enemies can find a meeting point when it wants to direct their hatred at the Jews.

  3. Jimmy says:

    We are on different sides of the political divide (I’m assuming from your language), Raphael, but, you are right: the outrage over the Sharia law from certain quarters (Dr. Dawg, etc.) in Canada is rank hypocrisy. I don’t remember any outrage from from the “anti-war” community when elements of Sharia law were proposed for Ontario. In fact it took strenuous opposition from principled, liberal, Muslims to get the proposal defeated.
    And where is the outrage from the “anti-war” gang when we hear of Sharia imposed (note: not proposed, IMPOSED) in such “halal” societies as Hezbollah areas of Lebanon or by Hamas in Gaza? Nary a peep! We all know the answer: Islamists are heroic anti-imperialists except when they don’t fit the “anti-war” agenda.
    Make no mistake, Karzai is a corrupt s.o.b. But he’s a world away from the utter hell of the Taliban. Anyone suggesting that Afghanistan under Karzai is “just the same” as under the Taliban is a liar and utterly contemptible.

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