Real Nazis–it’s genetic, you see

Raphael Alexander finds something truly amazing, and ineffably disgusting:

…the most appalling article I’ve [seen] in a long time compared the Americans to the Nazis in the throes of their empire:

NEW YORK–Contrary to myth, the Nazis weren’t crazy. But during the winter of 1944-45, with the Allied and Soviet armies closing in on Berlin, German leaders made an insane decision. Instead of doing whatever they could to hold out as long as possible, they sped up the Holocaust.
Killing Jews was the Nazis’ top priority. It came ahead of everything else–even their own lives. Total madness.
But who are we to judge? Here we are 64 years later, doing the same thing. The U.S. is locked in a last-ditch struggle for survival, and the U.S. government is diverting vital resources to its own top priority: killing Muslims.

The comparison of the execution of Jews by the Nazis and the war against the radical extremists striving to create an Islamic empire in the Middle East as being one and the same is perhaps the most dishonest, morally bankrupt statement I’ve read in many years. Ted Rall crafts an article so flattering to the Taliban that it is quite literally shocking, and I had to check the timestamp numerous times to ensure it wasn’t a joke of some sort. Saying that the war was doomed from the start because the Americans searched for militants house-to-house [even the Taliban knock], or regarding our efforts there as “seven years of bombing wedding parties” is just about the most biased anti-western article I’ve read about Afghanistan since the mainstream media last quoted a “Taliban spokesman”.
In the last sentence Mr.Rall makes the most spurious remark of all, contending that the redoubled efforts to “murder Muslims” in Afghanistan is based on the DNA of Americans: “Seventeen percent of Americans have German roots.”..

Mark C.

2 thoughts on “Real Nazis–it’s genetic, you see

  1. Philanthropist says:

    What an ignorant son of a bitch. The fact that Yahoo would publish such ignorance is just as disgusting.

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