Norman Spector notices a certain ommission in a Toronto Star story; key information is kept from from Canadian readers (and a straw person is gratuitously raised):

–What the Toronto Star is reporting on the Karzai kerfuffle

As their two-day summit ended yesterday, NATO leaders, one by one, went to the microphone to denounce a controversial law [link added] that proposes to restrict the rights of some Afghan women.
“I think this law is abhorrent,” said U.S. President Barack Obama of the Taliban-style law, which reportedly legislates when Shiite women must have sex with their husbands and confines them to the home without a male escort.
But NATO leaders denied the near universal outrage over the Afghan law was responsible for holding up [link added] a more robust commitment of long-term European troops to the coalition’s combat mission in Afghanistan.

–What the NY Times is reporting

“I think this law is abhorrent. Certainly the views of this administration have been and will be communicated to the Karzai government,” he said. But he added, repeating for emphasis: “I want everybody to understand that our focus is to defeat Al Qaeda.”

Clever fellow, that Norman.
Mark C.

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