Remember when it was “simplistic” to refer to anything as “evil”?

Times have changed

The latest film by Michael Moore, the US documentary maker, says that capitalism is “evil”. Capitalism: A Love Story, targets the big banks and speculators who have been blamed for contributing to the global financial crisis.
“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil,” the two-hour movie concludes.
“You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.”

@badbanana notes that tickets are $10.00 each.

3 thoughts on “Remember when it was “simplistic” to refer to anything as “evil”?

  1. Ran says:

    Well, if he’s referring to de Tocqueville’s ‘democracy’, then he’d be right. On the other hand, if he’s referring to that odd social experiment some farcically call “democracy”, a few hundred million… er, can’t be reached for comment.

  2. Gary says:

    I’m still amazed at the stupidity by the movie goers when I finally saw his FRNHT9/11 where he mocked George Bush for NOT rounding up all the Muslims and Arabs in the USA and inturning them u ntil they proved they had nothing to do with 9/11/01.
    Yes folks,Mr.Moore was upset that Bush “Allowed” non-Citizens of Arab background to leave the USA on a Privately Chartered Plane with about 40 other persons that were also Legally allowed to leave according to the US Constitution and Immigration Laws for Non-Citizens.
    How ironic that Moore will mock all the WW2 dead that were left on the fields of Europe which allowed him to become filthy Rich in a Free USA by making Movies that Mock the same rich people that he is now a part of.
    He reminds me of the School clown that couldn’t get a date with any girls and he then blamed it on them as stuck-up bitches , but he really should have looked in the mirror and realized that just maybe they didn’t like him for the pathetic/hollow/slob he chose to be in life.
    The more movies he makes, the more he proves how Great the USA is for allowing a slob/loser like him to be just as rich as the same rich people he hates.

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