The perfect spokesman

Normally, I get really annoyed when celebrities promote political causes I find abhorrent. But if the 9/11 troofers want Charlie Sheen to be their spokesman, I’m cool with that:

Charlie Sheen has posted a make-believe transcript from a conversation he did not have with President Obama, in which the star of ‘Scary Movie 3’ lays out the “facts” regarding the US governments role in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
To get an idea of how compelling his argument is (spoiler alert), by the end the President walks away and does not commit to a new investigation. So Charlie can’t even get imaginary people in a world he created to agree with him. In fact they seem sort of condescending. If Charlie can’t even get his own hallucinations to take him seriously, I see no reason why I should.
Charlie Sheen went to Santa Monica High School but never graduated because he was expelled for poor attendance and bad grades. He’s been in drug rehab 3 times and arrested 5 times for drug possession, soliciting prostitutes and credit card fraud…

There’s more – much, much more – at the link. (Bonus quote: “NICOLE RICHIE – gave birth to a son yesterday, and just in case having her and Joel Madden for parents wasn’t embarrassing enough, they named him ‘Sparrow James Midnight Madden’. Or as he’ll be known in the 6th grade, ‘That Kid Lying Face Down In The Mud And Clutching His Stomach In Pain.'”)

2 thoughts on “The perfect spokesman

  1. Peter says:

    “CS – Make sure your on the right side of history.
    (The President breaks the handshake).
    PBO – I am on the right side of history. Thank you Charlie, my staff and I will be in touch.”
    That’s actually a pretty good ending if you believe Charlie has a good sense of self-deprecating wit and irony. But I guess you would have to be the sort that believes 9/11 was an inside job to believe that.

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