Cognitive dissonance

Gray Brechin, 9/11 troofer and professor at (where else?) UC-Berkeley, whines to that he and Van Jones are not allowed to express such controversial views “without fear of reprisal.” Also, he says Glenn Beck should be institutionalized for…expressing controversial views.
I can’t say I’ve never wondered what professional help would be most appropriate for Beck. But Professor Brechin should get the padded room next door.
(An earlier version of this post savaged Salon for giving space to the troofers on the eighth anniversary of 9/11, but the article does criticize “wild and dubious speculation” in the petition famously signed by Jones. I don’t like seeing the troofers’ talking points go unchallenged, but in retrospect I agree that Salon isn’t actually endorsing them.)

4 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance

  1. rabbit says:

    I found this same bizarre view over at the Huffington Post. People blame Glenn Beck for this. Not Van Jones, not the Obama administration, but Beck.
    It did little good pointing out that Beck is just a commentator on TV and radio. He has no authority or power, and he certainly doesn’t run the White House. All he does is talk.
    If the Obama administration can’t stand up to a little criticism, and feels the need to bow to every political wind that blows, then shame on them. And if Beck is right, and Van Jones and Sergant should not have been appointed to their positions in the first place, then good on the Obama administration for correcting the situation and especially good on Beck.

  2. Ran says:

    No no no no… Only conservatives engage in “cognitive dissonance” and hypocrisy; Progressives engage in social justice.
    Rabbit has a point: Progressives would blame the small boy for the President’s nudity.

  3. Durward says:

    The difference is Beck’s controversial views are the truth but the good prof and Jones spew nonsense, dangerous nonsense.
    Beck is hyper active and slightly hysterical but only because he sees what is transpiring.
    Show me where Beck has ever been wrong.
    Prof Comrade says Beck should be locked up for his views but whines that He is not “allowed” his view with-out reprisal, what a hypocrite.
    Dear Prof childish, don’t spout nonsense and you won’t be challenged for spouting nonsense, what’s to understand?

  4. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    “If the Obama administration can’t stand up to a little criticism…”
    Well, that’s rub, isn’t it? This administration, and its supporters, are not tolerant of dissent.
    Nor is it unexpected. You may recall that during the election, the Obama/Biden campaign threatened to have broadcast licenses revoked for airing anti-Obama NRA commercials. And, of course, there was the Missouri Truth Squad, which consisted of local prosecutors who threatened to use their offices to prosecute people for airing “misleading” anti-Obama commercials.

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