“We used to wear our flag with pride, but then a party other than mine formed the government. Waaaaaah!”

The cross-burning queen is at it again:

New Brunswick Conservatives are leading the charge against a federal Liberal advertisement that says Canadians can no longer wear the flag with pride when abroad.
Keith Ashfield, the Conservative MP for Fredericton, and Jody Carr, the Progressive Conservative MLA for Oromocto, are condemning a postcard from Liberal MP Hedy Fry that has turned up in many provincial mailboxes.
The postcard shows a weathered Canadian flag on a rucksack with the words “We used to wear it abroad with pride.”
“I was completely offended by it,” Carr said, who received one of the cards in his mailbox.
But Fry says the Tories are deliberately taking the message out of context.
“This postcard represents what Liberals are hearing from everyday Canadians from coast, to coast, to coast: that, under Stephen Harper, Canada is becoming a diminished light and force on the world stage,” Fry told The Telegraph-Journal.
“Mr. Harper has tarnished our international reputation when it comes to climate change, the United Nations, respect for human rights, peacekeeping, and the list goes on.”

The only thing that might make me ashamed to wear our flag is the fact that some Canadians inexplicably keep electing Hedy Fry.

7 thoughts on ““We used to wear our flag with pride, but then a party other than mine formed the government. Waaaaaah!”

  1. Chris says:

    Look at the left shoulder of any Canadian soldier. I have worn it there with pride for thirty years across the Globe.
    Hedy Fry is wrong. Completely wrong.

  2. Lycan Stark says:

    This is the usual contemp that the Liberals have for our men and women in uniform. Now just imagine for a second how it would be if the NDP were to help them form that government.
    Sleep well tonight.

  3. Norman says:

    My son competes internationally representing this country and he wears the Canadian Maple Leaf with pride. The only tarnish and shame is caused by people such as Hedy Fry and the stupidity of Liberal and Socialist thinking.

  4. herringchoker says:

    Good old Hedy,
    Sending her urban-chic, “run down the country” claptrap to folks in Oromocto. If she had any sense of the country (or an assistant that knew how to use Google Maps) she might have known that most of the folks in Oromocto are members of, or work for, the Canadian Forces. It’s only the home of CFB Gagetown after all.
    Classy lady, as always.

  5. wilson says:

    Not surprised, her boss thinks our flag looks like a beer can commercial, and we can do better.
    We just are not good enough for Iffy, Canada.
    He loses, he goes home.
    Let’s help him pack his bags.

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