Barack Obama doesn’t care about this black person

At a time when the nation appears politically divided like never before, Kanye West has united Americans:

Barack Obama has described Kanye West as a “jackass” after the rapper’s outburst at the MTV Video Music Awards.
The US president made the uncharacteristically blunt remark during an interview with CNBC, the US business news network, on Monday.
Although Mr Obama delivered the aside during an off-the-record segment of the pre-recorded interview, it was picked up and tweeted by a journalist from a rival network.
The White House has yet to comment on the affair, but the president’s criticisms of West certainly chime with the public mood.

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama doesn’t care about this black person

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    It seems to me that by expressing opinions on these sorts of things Obama reduces his stature. He has no special knowledge or insight, and his opinion is about as meaningful as is Moe’s down at the local bar.

  2. Ray K. says:

    Actually his opinion is less meaningful than Moe’s, since Moe is likely giving you an honest opinion and Obama is a politician.

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