The race card

Rick Moran and The Anchoress have spot-on posts about Obama supporters’ cynical efforts to tar all opposition to the President – not just racial slurs or the Birther nonsense, but opposition to Obama’s policies – as racist. (The American Prospect: “The right’s animosity toward Obama isn’t about fascism or socialism — it’s about racism.”)
I endorsed Obama, and I may reluctantly endorse him in 2012 if the GOP nominates some nut, but I’ve been decidedly underwhelmed with his performance so far. Certainly I’m not the only backer whose enthusiasm for the President has cooled. Does that mean we weren’t racist in November, 2008, but we are in September, 2009?
Update: Yet another example of why there would be no conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination, had Oswald been a Bircher:

What won’t stop is the bile and lies and hate coming at us from the voices of the right who are always so very wrong.
What won’t stop is the growing hatred toward a young President based on his beliefs and the color of his skin.
It won’t stop until he is stopped. That is the goal of the right.
They’ve done it before.
In the summer months of 1963, the voices of the right were tossing hate bombs at another young President. This time over concerns he was too liberal and his religion was one that frightened a fair number of them, primarily those who lived in the South. There were no Becks, Rushs or Hannitys back then, so the John Birch Society filled the void. They tossed out messages of hate, threats and warnings.
One such warning was for President John F. Kennedy to stay out of Texas.
To stay out of Dallas.
You think what is going on today is harmless? You think it’s just people protesting as is their right? You think all the angry talk and the hate speech are just words?
Well, think again, morans.

(via Reason)
Update II: and now, when honest conservatives are trying to fight back against the demagoguery of Carter and Dowd, along comes Rush Limbaugh portraying a disturbing school-bus beating in Illinois as portent to the coming race war. Thanks, Rush!

10 thoughts on “The race card

  1. Kerry Forrest says:

    Read the linked article. Still confused. About National Socialism being considered right wing and International Socialism(as practiced in the Soviet Union) being considered left wing. Watched a great documentary on the subject. Maybe the commentator should check it out. Any ways LHO was a communist wasn’t he?

  2. Dara says:

    The whole Obama show has been really entertaining.
    Here we have a guy who was sold/abhorred as someone who would veer America back on/off course.
    He has yet to even change a lane, but every time he so much as puts on the blinker half of the country starts screaming in what I can only hope is mock terror about the ruin of the American Way(tm), and the other half starts preening and discussing progress.
    It’s reactionary/delusional madness and I think Jimmy Carter is being too kind in chalking it up to racism or limiting the dysfunction to the right.
    It’s the peasant mentality, which Matt Taibbi diagnoses on the right here:
    I say, physician heal thyself, because it seems that the Democratic Party is in the pockets of the same industries and Obama is the new boss, same as the old boss.
    I’ll predict that the financial, insurance, military, tobacco, mercenary, and corn segments of the economy all beat the stumbling market over Obama’s first term. If you’re looking for socialism, I just gave you a list of suspects.
    (I’m skipping energy on purpose, because this bodes ill.)

  3. Ted says:

    I don’t think it is so far fetched to claim that a huge part of the opposition to Obama includes a lot of race-bating and outright racism that has little to do with ideology.
    It is easy to point out the thousands of “Obama = white slavery” and Obama in whiteface and Obama in Kenya tribal costume signs etc, too many to be just the fringe but not enough to fully characterize the movement.
    But it is when the loudest voices and self-declared leaders of this movement are overtly making race THE issue that the race baiting becomes undeniable. You have Glen Beck saying Obama “hates whites and white culture” and Fox & Friends nod approvingly. You have Mark Williams saying Obama is an “indonesian muslim” and “racist in chief”. You have Hannity choosing who to interview on his own show and asking them if they fear for their freedoms “as white Americans”. You have Rush Limbaugh make a school bus beating into a the future of race relations.
    The claim that opposition to Obama was racist is only coming into circulation in the last few weeks as more and more of these bigots become the spokespeople for this movement.
    So whatever it was at first, most certainly racial bigotry is now an intrinsic part of it.

  4. Greg says:

    Garbage Ted, absolute utter drivel. Based on your analysis, the fact the new Black Panthers supported Obama for president means that Glen Beck is absolutely right.

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