Totalitarians vs. Totalitarians

I believe it was Kate who wrote that, when the Communists fight the Nazis, instead of taking a side you should pray for a meteor strike.
Update: some more background on Mr. Griffin and his party here and here. I don’t use the word “Nazi” lightly, but I have no qualms about using it for these guys. (Note to the Telegraph: it’s “Klux,” not “Kluk.”)

4 thoughts on “Totalitarians vs. Totalitarians

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    I’m inclined to see the Browns and Reds as flip sides of the same coin.
    Eric Hoffer observed that the Nazis found that Communists tended to make much better Nazis than did, say, Social Democrats, and that, after WWII, fanatical Nazis often became fanatical Communists.

  2. Kursk says:

    Problem is, the only ones doing any ‘standing up’ in Europe are nationalist parties such as the BNP.
    Talk is cheap, Europe will need a little muscle to battle this time.

  3. gapper says:

    I’m with Kursk on this. It’s easy to dismiss the BNP as a bunch of racist rednecks until one realizes that the mainstream is forbidden from discussing the issues that the BNP brings up on pain of ostracism.

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