Shooting the messengers in D.C.

As if the atmosphere at Washington Redskins games wasn’t depressing enough these days, the team is now cracking down on fans carrying homemade signs into the stadium. Not just ones insulting Dan Snyder and team management, either – one woman’s “Hi to my husband in Afghanistan” sign was confiscated.
Via Shutdown Corner. Why aren’t Washington fans marching to Snyder’s office with pitchforks and torches?

2 thoughts on “Shooting the messengers in D.C.

  1. Bruce Strang says:

    Thanks to Snyder, Al Davis and Jerry Jones have become the least insane team owners. It’s time to pack up the teepee, Danny-Boy.
    Problem is that no currently out-of-work coach (Cowher/Gruden) are so desperate as to sign onto this sinking ship. So when Zorn gets ass-canned, the new coach will likely be one of the clowns already on-staff.
    Christ, I’ll even take another round of Shottenheimer’s reign of terror before I get all excited about the former bingo calling Sherm Lewis taking over.
    I’m a Redskins fan. I’m also an Argo fan.
    Football is dead to me…

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