“Sometimes a TV show is just a TV show”

Any similarities between President Obama and the aliens in V are purely coincidental:

The script was not written as a roman a clef or allegory for the Obama administration. The script was written by [Scott] Peters during the Bush administration and started before Mr. Obama clinched the nomination. The author, Mr. Peters, is not some evil sleeper right-winger/Obama hater. Mr. Peters, besides being a talented writer and director is a gay man, legally married in California, and a liberal supporter of the President who worked for and donated money to the his campaign. If he’s a mole for some right-wing conspiracy he may be the most committed spy ever. Mr. Peters, who was born in Canada, recently became an American citizen; a process he tried to expedite so he could vote for Mr. Obama, a deadline he missed by two days.

10 thoughts on ““Sometimes a TV show is just a TV show”

  1. Ran says:

    Likewise, any similarity between the Won and the Ozzy reality TV show is also purely coincidental.
    Coincidental, sure, but in both cases creepy as Hell. Sunstein could easily have been the inspiration for V… just saying.

  2. Ellie in T.O. says:

    LOL. Of course Hollywood would never criticize the Obamessiah! As noted in the Emmerich post, the only religion they attack is Christianity.

  3. J says:

    So its possible he’s not even an original kook?
    Geeze, couldn’t he have freaked out to a different show, like “Knight Rider” or something? Talking cars aren’t out of the question now I guess. I mean, my new Fusion barely shuts up…

  4. Obama is Awful says:

    Anmy similarity between Obama supporter Damian Penny and an intelligent human being, too, is coincidental.
    He’s an awful president who is destroying the American economy and has stirred up ethnic hatred to unprecedented levels.
    Really, Damian, giving a, quote, shout out, to his peeps prior to addressing the nation regarding a terrible tragedy was nearly as classless as his kneejerk reaction to the perfectly reasonable arrest of his Harvard professor pal who flew off the handle at the police. I pity you, because you’re going to have to be making excuses for this idiot for another 3 years.

  5. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    “Obama supporter Damian Penny”
    Give him a break, I’m pretty sure Damian didn’t vote for, or donate money to, Obama, like some other rubes I can think of http://www.republicansforobama.org/?q=node/3341 . And his endorsement was about as useful to Obama as was Fidel Castro’s, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s, Hamas Advisor Ahmed Yousef’s, or Hugo Chavez’s.

  6. DaninVan says:

    “his endorsement was about as useful to Obama as was Fidel Castro’s, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s, Hamas Advisor Ahmed Yousef’s, or Hugo Chavez’s.”

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