Terror at Fort Hood

Seven dead, 20 injured – and at least two, possibly three, gunmen – at a military base in Texas.
Not much more is known at this stage, but if more than one shooter was involved, it was almost certainly planned in advance. (Not necessarily a plot by a larger organization, though – Columbine also involved two shooters.)
Update: the Austin American-Statesman has started a twitter feed with updates. One shooter is alive and in custody.
Update II: according to @chucktodd, NBC says at least one of the gunmen in custody is a military officer.
Update III: many, many more updates at Hot Air. Some disturbing stuff – but remember the 24-hour rule.

10 thoughts on “Terror at Fort Hood

  1. Philanthropist says:

    There’s no ’24 hour’ rule for spin. His family is saying he was harrassed because he was Muslim, which is likely bull. But the old liberal media will love that idea and run with it so they can blame the Army.

  2. DaninVan says:

    A Major clusterf**k…
    (sorry, the devil made me do it)
    What lamebrained policy sends a soldier to fight a battle he has a conflicting interest in?!
    Like there’s no other posting this guy could have been assigned?
    Back in the late 60’s I had the opportunity, as a CF reservist, to do a rotation in Gaza (if memory serves me correctly) as a UN Peacekeeper. I was rejected BECAUSE I was Jewish; definite conflict in their eyes…which now, in hindsight, I see the wisdom of.

  3. Ellie in T.O. says:

    Given this guy’s obvious issues, why the hell were they shipping him out to Iraq?! And letting him counsel OTHER people when he was so deranged himself??
    Not cutting Hasan any slack — he has sole responsibility for his actions — but some other people should lose their jobs over this too.

  4. Ran says:

    Right. Classic. We have a nice little PC “gun free zone” where, for once, soldiers are sitting ducks. Complete commie cluster-fvck.
    The only beautiful thing in this socialist’s debacle is that Abu Sharmuta was shot by a policewoman. How perfect is that?

  5. Ellie in T.O. says:

    “(Hasan) talked about how if you’re a nonbeliever the Koran says you should have your head cut off, you should have oil poured down your throat, you should be set on fire.”
    I’m beginning to get why this guy wasn’t popular.

  6. DaninVan says:

    “”(Hasan) talked about how if you’re a nonbeliever the Koran says you should have your head cut off,…”
    And if somebody told him to jump off a bridge?
    Mindless robots.

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