6 thoughts on “Council of Ashamed Canadians

  1. Mike H says:

    “There are growing calls in Canada and internationally for an investigation into whether Canada has violated the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court by knowingly turning over civilians to torture, calls that the government hopes will get lost in the post-Olympic euphoria when Parliament resumes.”
    Funny, I don’t remember Maude and her ilk being involved in any “growing calls in Canada and internationally” for an investigation of the Afghans who may have, you know, carried out the actual torture. That’s always the way it is with these deranged haters of their own societies. Preoccupied with creating outrageous exaggerations of supposed or minor human rights violations by western democracies, but largely oblivious to infinitely worse offences elsewhere.
    With all of her Leftist spittle-flecked rage directed at Harper and all things conservative, Maude has little time left over for trivial human rights abuses like China’s black prisons, Russian assassination of dissident journalists, Egypt’s killing of African refugees trying to sneak into Israel, or massacres of democracy activists in Guinea, just to name a few.
    Yeah, you should be ashamed, Maude, you loathsome hypocrite.

  2. 8bEbgcBBi says:

    Mike H.
    While I agree with your general position, I must note that her hypocritical response might be that because she is Canadian, she is more concerned with Canada’s position vis a vis this issue.
    Where the HYPOCRISY presents herself is where she criticizes the United States actions. She is not a US citizen and therefore it would be HYPOCRITICAL and perhaps even RACIST for her to crticize the US disproportionately instead of the places that you have mentioned.

  3. Mike H says:

    Agreed, 8bEbgcBBi.
    “Loathsome moral relativist” might be a better fit.
    In any case, there’s no disputing the loathsome label.

  4. Mike H says:

    Dawg, your comment can only be seen as a setback in your otherwise commendable progress toward full blown Neocon conversion…

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