There’s no justice like angry mob justice

Colby Cosh, as usual, gets it exactly right: if campus left-wingers can use violence, intimidation and harassment to shut down speakers they don’t like, it’s only a matter of time before campus conservatives draw the same conclusion.
When conservative students connect the dots and figure out that they too can assemble mobs and pull fire alarms—heaven forbid that there should ever be two sides to such undignified situationist power contests; the worst people are guaranteed to win no matter what—will we all greet that development with a dismissive sigh? (Would the Nazi metaphors stay locked in the drawer for very long?) One is tempted to compile a list of upcoming Canadian campus events featuring leftist speakers who have ever expressed a view objectionable to somebody or other. There must surely be about fifty of these a week, even if you don’t count ordinary scheduled classes. Ann Coulter’s safety is yours and mine. To which I feel I can only add: “Duh”.
Update: Skippy: “The silencing of speech always says more about the person doing the silencing than it does about the speaker. That’s just as true of the leftist idiots at the University of Ottawa as it is of the Tea Party morons who shout down congressmen at those useless town hall meetings. It never reflects well on the person abridging someone else’s rights.”

13 thoughts on “There’s no justice like angry mob justice

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    I can remember conservative speakers being harassed and prevented from speaking on American campuses going back to the 80s, and it was probably happening before that, but I can’t remember any instances of conservative mobs preventing liberal or left-wing speakers from having their say. It may have happened at a bible college or two, but no instances come to mind.
    The campus is, by and large, a liberal/left entity and college conservatives work within that constraint.

  2. Greg says:

    The difference is that conservative protesters will be quickly arrested, charged with hate crimes, and eviscerated in all the media. There will only be one protest.

  3. Jonathan Dursi says:

    So now that the smoke has cleared and it turns out:
    * There was no violence at all
    * There were maybe 100 protesters, none of whom did anything worse than taunting
    * Ann Coulter flat-out lied about a mob with sticks and rocks; at no point in time did she even show up, spending the entire time at her $250/head fundraiser a half hour away
    * Ann Coulter and Ezra Levant flat-out lied about the police closing down the event (according to, you know, the police, who say they most certainly did not)
    * The police didn’t arrest anyone, because no one actually did anything even remotely illegal/violent/scary
    will this post be corrected?
    When did the right wing in this county become such a bunch of whiny-assed little babies? Some protestors — people who *also* have freedom of speech, despite ongoing efforts of the right wing to define `free speech’ to mean `free speech for right-wingers, but no one else’ — showed up and yelled some stuff. Really? That’s `mob justice’? Grow the frick up.
    The only bad things that happened at Ottawa were:
    – The complete and utter incompetence of the organizers, which I actually have some sympathy for, since it’s just a student organization, and
    – A fire alarm got pulled; presumably that was someone trying to disrupt the event, and that’s juvenile and un-cool, but was corrected within a few minutes.
    Mob justice? Really? What a bunch of timid, meek little children.

  4. David says:

    Now, Jonathan, don’t be so hard on them. After all, they have no experience in the real world, being mainly lawyers, “Consultants” “Policy Advisors” and the like; drones and parasites, pimples on the pompous arse on the Body Politic. They like to espouse free enterprise but they wouldn’t know it if it bit them. They’re just afraid, scared little children, terrified of the Big Bad “Leftist” Wolf. They are so ignorant that they think Liberals are Leftists, when Leftists can’t stand Liberals. They are so delusional they believe in a Conspiracy Theory that the corporate run media (ABC, NBC, CBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Global, TransCon, CanWest, etc.) is Leftist.
    Sad, sad, sad. They really should get outdoors more often.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Hey, Bruce:
    No, sweetheart, I don’t need to sockpuppet.
    Speaking of Lying: CBC didn’t say that: *from your link* the early CBC reported what one spokesflack said
    “spokesman for the group that organized the event said there were fears for Coulter’s well-being after about 2,000 people gathered outside the venue to protest her presence there.
    Read more:

    So see how what the article said is different than what you said it said? Might need to work on that reading comprehension.
    Oh, And Beauchamp? That quote came from Ezra Levant, not the good officer. Since you obviously trust CBC articles when you think they say what you want them to say, :
    “ I spoke with Ottawa Police Services media relations officer Alain Boucher this morning, and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was her security team that made the decision to call off the event. “We gave her options” — including, he said, to “find a bigger venue” — but “they opted to cancel … It’s not up to the Ottawa police to make that decision.” ”
    So, you know, you’re wrong, like the opposite of being right. But hugs and kisses anyway.

  6. Jonathan Dursi says:

    And expanding on what David said:
    The Coulter fans who planned to attend this talk wanted to hear Coulter insult people; she’s a politically-charged insult comic by trade, after all, it’s not like they were attending to hear a discussion of subtle policy implications of recent economic research into bank regulation.
    They wanted to hear her repeat other stuff she’s said this year; that Muslim Canadians should `ride camels’ or fly magic carpets rather than fly planes; that “If all Muslims would boycott airlines, we could dispense with airport security all together”; that cultural diversity has “Jumped the Shark,” and is like cancer or pollution; that liberals want to institute “death panels”; that philanthropist Soros is a “Nazi collaborator”; that political enemies like Zeke Emanuel (health care expert) is on her “death list”; that “all feminism is nonsense”; that waterboarding is just like punishing a small child, that sort of stuff.
    So they came to hear hateful things said about other people in an environment where they could all laugh together at them. But when they arrived and people were taunting *them*, now that’s just mob justice and scary and unacceptable.
    Again; whiny-assed little babies; can dish it but can’t bear to take it; if someone says to them that some conservatives say hateful things, that’s clearly hate speech of the worst kind.
    Wah, wah, wah.

  7. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    That’s a lot of personal abuse and table pounding, Jonathon. Are you normally this abusive towards, and intolerant of, those who disagree with you?
    I don’t see how your quote from the Ottawa Police supports your point:
        “We gave her options” — including, he said,
       to “find a bigger venue” — but “they opted to
       cancel … It’s not up to the Ottawa police to
       make that decision.”
    If there was no problem with the protestors, then why would the police need to give her “options”? If the police are giving you “options” that’s because there is a problem. Coulter has been assaulted on university campuases before. This is the first time I’m aware of that she’s had to cancel her appearance due to a mob.
    Oppenents of Coulter speaking were quite specific in their goal of not having her speak on campus. And, contrary to your point, the CBC did not place the 2,000 protestors figuyre in quotes. Reporters were there. If there were only 100, instead of 2,000, protestors, then the CBC would have indicated that in their story.
    The flip side of freedom of speech is the freedom to hear alternative points of view. The mob clearly had no respect for either.

  8. Jonathan Dursi says:

    Oh, Bruce, sweetie, I would never pound the table at you.
    Yes, the Ottawa police did giver her options to move for `public safety’ reasons — to a larger venue. Fire marshal, size of crowd. Nothing — nothing! — about the scary protestors, scarily saying things. Scary.
    The CBC reporters who *were* there said:
    “And now, the numbers. While there is pretty much universal agreement that event organizer Ashley Scorpio’s initial claim of “2,000 violent protesters” is just plain wrong; she seems to have inadvertently mistaken the total number of people waiting outside, many of whom were there to attend the Coulter event, with the number of protesters, which have been variously estimated between a few dozen to 200. ”
    And the article you pointed to said “spokesman for the group that organized the event said there..’ Get it? You don’t need quotes after you said “So and so said that…”. Seriously, man, take some after-work reading classes. Do you even read these links you point people to or do you just look at the pictures? “Hmm, Ezra looks mad in this one; it must say something mean about the protesters!”
    The `mob’ was a few dozen to 200 people, most of whom were polite, a couple of which shouted some things, and one of which presumably pulled a fire alarm. That’s a pretty sorry `mob’.
    Were there people who didn’t want her to talk on campus? Yeah, and they were overruled.
    Interesting point: From the second article (sorry, they don’t have it in pictures:) “Finally, an observation from a CBC reporter who was in the Foyer while Coulter was being interviewed by CTV’s Power Play: At approximately 5:15pm, he overheard a member of her security team tell a Conservative MP that her event “may be cancelled,” which would suggest that the decision to do so was already being considered before more than half the crowd had assembled outside the venue — hopeful speech-goers and protesters alike. ”

  9. Jonathan Dursi says:

    Oh, and:
    “Are you normally this abusive towards, and intolerant of, those who disagree with you? ”
    Oh, sorry, Bruce, I know how sensitive you poor little conservatives are; heavens forfend that I should speak meanly to you.
    No, I’m not abusive towards you, nor intolerant of you; I just don’t suffer fools gladly. I’m good friends with people who I respect a great deal who disagree with me about just about everything. But if someone says something stupid — whether it’s someone I agree with in general or not — I have zero problem mocking them. Don’t like it? Go file a human rights complaint like poor little “I’m not a big fan of the First Amendment” Coulter.

  10. david says:

    Now you’re being hard on poor Bruce (or whatever his name really is)
    Coulter’ goons pulled the plug when confronted; standard cowardice. She’s just a comedien, the sad type one used to see in British Music Halls.
    Don’t criticize her or she might cry.
    Or maybe…maybe, she’s a secret Leftist mole, trying to make the Right look like, well…what they look like.

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