Fox News slanders Canada

…by giving its viewers the impression that we’re all like this. (Watch it all the way to the end, when Ms. Cole declares that a university is no place to introduce controversial ideas. Certainly not!)
Related: a “former journalist and human rights investigator” (from my hometown, alas) says Canadians should ignore Ann Coulter. And also arrest her for violating hate-speech laws. (If you see a contradiction there, you’re probably racist.)
Update: Terry Glavin compares Coulter to George Galloway.

4 thoughts on “Fox News slanders Canada

  1. Rose says:

    Canada deserves all the criticism it has gotten for the way Ms. Coulter was treated there even BEFORE she spoke. She was a GUEST, and wouldn’t have been there except that she was invited. A GUEST deserves better than what she received.
    As far as the leading investigator of the Canadian Human Rights Commission having said: “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” — that sounds to me like Canada is still in the dark ages.
    And since when is a university not a place for controversial ideas? For some reason I keep thinking universities are the first places for controversial ideas. And since when are her ideas controversial anyhow? She simply speaks for most conservative people who dislike the sort of “hit me again” victimization that comes from liberal nonsense.
    I was a Canadian who left Canada many years ago. Thank God I no longer live there because I’m ashamed of Canada’s actions in Ms. Coulter’s case.

  2. John B says:

    I’m surprised they had to dredge up someone from Now magazine to comment. I expect Cole had to be dragged away from her full time job of editing the sex trade ads that are the mainstay of Now.

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