Get a receipt

It’s very common for parents to use a neutral location for picking up and dropping off children for access. And, unfortunately, it’s very common for one party to accuse the other of not showing up at the agreed upon place and time.
I often tell clients to bring a witness, to prove he or she lived up to the agreement. (Preferably not a new boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, whose presence may inflame the situation.) But if you can’t get anyone to go with you, this writer suggests an idea I wish I’d thought up: if the drop-off location is near a store, restaurant or ATM, go in and ask for a receipt showing the date and time.

One thought on “Get a receipt

  1. Dara says:

    That is both a great idea and a hilarious website.
    You can see the automatic computer magic in effect as some program goes through the text to remove any improper words and replace them.
    ‘pic’k-up becomes ‘photo’k-up
    ATM ‘car’d becomes ATM ‘automobile’d
    It took me a long while to figure out that the program was from a Brit and so ‘bathroom’k was the result of the word ‘loo’k.
    It just goes to show you, you can always rely on a computer to do exactly what it’s told to.

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