The madness of Orly Taitz

How far gone is the Queen of the Birthers? This far gone:

Orly Taitz, the so-called “birther” attorney who’s led charges across the country against President Barack Obama’s legitimacy to hold office, continues to defy a federal court order to pay $20,000 in sanctions and to challenge the judicial system.
Taitz kept pushing the issue of Obama’s legitimacy with [U.S. District Court Judge Clay] Land, who ultimately gave her a warning and then a time limit to explain why he shouldn’t levy a hefty fine against her. In October 2009, when Taitz did reply, though not to the judge’s specific command of why he shouldn’t sanction her, Land then issued $20,000 in sanctions against her.
Taitz appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, and the appeals court upheld Land’s sanctions in May.
She then forwarded U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a brief for stay, in which she asked that the sanctions be reversed.
According to the Supreme Court’s website, that application was received July 8 and denied by Thomas on July 15.
On July 20, Taitz posted a motion requesting that she be allowed to verify that it is, in fact, Thomas’ signature on the denial of her application.

Emphasis added; via How Appealing.

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