Father of the Year (II)

Mitch Albom savages New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who struggled to remember the names of all his children on HBO’s Hard Knocks:

Cromartie, in listing his offspring on “Hard Knocks,” mentions four who are around age 3. I’ll never understand men who father kids as if opening Starbucks franchises. But four in one year?
That’s unforgivable. Obviously, Cromartie enjoys his sex, but is it a sin to take precautions? Or does he think his seed is so special he needs to procreate on a quarterly basis?
And what about the women involved? Are they that naive? Or do some figure the fastest route to a sports star’s wallet is through the delivery room?
Both parties ignore the well-documented consequences of absent fathers. Lack of guidance, discipline or demonstration of the love and respect needed in a marriage. Crime rates, dropout rates, violence rates — all are higher for kids without fathers. It’s not like this is a secret.
Yet the situation repeats, over and over. It is simply cruel. How will children ever learn their way out of the cycle? If we, in the 21st Century, have fostered a culture where “baby mama” is an acceptable term, we have little to be proud of.
“A house without a father is a challenge,” Bill Cosby once wrote. “A neighborhood without fathers is a catastrophe.”
Cromartie’s video is now the butt of endless Internet jokes. And almost unbelievably, Cromartie has complained only that HBO didn’t show another clip in which he recited his children’s names faster.
Hey, Antonio. It isn’t how fast you remembered the kids. It’s how fast you created them. And there’s nothing funny about your story. It’s sad. Really sad.

More here. You’d think more young athletes would learn from the sad fate of Travis Henry.

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