The secret lives of Judges


Sexually explicit photos of a Manitoba judge were posted on an Internet porn site by her husband, CBC News reported Tuesday.
The pictures of Lori Douglas, associate chief justice of the province’s Court of Queen’s Bench (family division), are part of a complaint filed last month with the Canadian Judicial Council by a former client of Douglas’s lawyer husband, Jack King.
Alexander Chapman alleges King repeatedly invited him to have sex with Douglas, who was then a lawyer at King’s firm, while King was handling Chapman’s divorce case in 2003.
According to the network, Chapman said King showed him about 30 sexually explicit photos of Douglas.
King’s lawyer, Bill Gange, told CBC that King didn’t tell Douglas he had shown the photos to anyone or that he had posted the pictures online.
Chapman filed a complaint with the firm after his divorce was settled in 2003, after which King left the law firm, the network said. He said he received a $25,000 cash payment from King in 2003 and promised not to take legal action against King and his partners.
Terms of the deal with King prohibited Chapman from talking about the matter and required him to destroy photographs, emails and other material he received from King. Chapman said he signed the agreement, but held on to the items.
Chapman told CBC he broke his silence this year because he feared the incident might influence court cases in which he’s involved in Manitoba’s family court, of which Douglas is associate chief justice.

More here and here, on the legal-ethics issues of the case.
Update: no way Above the Law could ignore this story. Justice Douglas “puts away the gavel – for now,” reads their most recent post. I should hope so, since Canadian Judges don’t use gavels.

3 thoughts on “The secret lives of Judges

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  2. Bella says:

    It would snd shivers down their spines, If Nova Scotians only knew The Who’s-Who, that arrange to get their Lwyers “Appointed” to “Sit On The Bench in Nova Scotia and The Reason for those “appointments,” #1 being they’re put On The Bench in case The elite who put them there, need them. Those judges will twist & turn laws, literally finding obviously innocent persons guilty of crimes they did Not commit and of course most of those people don’t have monies for other Layers to Appeal their cases. Never forget there are the elits ‘appointed’ judges even sitting on the Supreme Court too-can you guess who they are? …AND …Include to Think outside the Metro/HRM area. There’s more to NS, than Metro.

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