Fun with loopholes, one of our finest legal websites (see also: Six Romantic Movie Gestures That Can Get You Prison Time) lists the six most creative attempts to circumvent the law, including the Minnesota lounge which declared itself a theatre (and all of its patrons actors) to get around a smoking ban.
Number one was NASCAR legend Smokey Yunick, who proved that if you must cheat, you should at least cheat creatively:

…Once, when inspectors had removed Smokey’s gas tank to make sure it was regulation size, he climbed in the supposedly gasless car, started it, and drove off.
He wasn’t using black magic; it turned out he had replaced the fuel line with a coiled tube that could hold five gallons of extra gas. Yeah, they’d forgotten to make a rule about that. Then when inspectors would drain the fuel to just see if he was hiding any, it’d come out just right–that’s because Smokey had put a basketball inside the tank and inflated it before inspection. After inspection, he’d let the air out of the ball and now he had an extra cubic foot or so of fuel tank to work with.

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