Escape from Atlantic Place

Early in my lawyering career, while working for Legal Aid in St. John’s, I appeared in Provincial Court several times a week. I saw some interesting stuff there, but nothing like this:

…About a dozen police officers and sheriff’s officers at provincial court in St. John’s swarmed the fourth floor of Atlantic Place Monday afternoon, searching for a man who had escaped from custody by crawling in the ceiling.
Rick Bennett, 33, of Mount Pearl had been in the interview room in the court’s holding cells, waiting to speak to his lawyer around 1:45 p.m., when he reportedly crawled up through the T-bar roof.
When he was discovered missing minutes later, sheriff’s officers notified the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and about a dozen officers, many of them carrying flashlights, scoured the area. The K-9 unit was also deployed.

This is where I would embed a video of Groundskeeper Willie getting greased up and crawling around the heating vent looking for Bart Simpson’s dog, but I can’t find the entire scene. Get on it, Comic Book Guy!

One thought on “Escape from Atlantic Place

  1. noone says:

    yea well maybe if the police would talk to him as a human and sure the police shouldn’t of let him have the time to escape custody yea but again they can use verbal abuse and phsyical and theres nothing said and then when he escapes they make it look like the police did a good job yea well they didnt

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