Sister Defendants?

When the polygamist reality show Sister Wives premiered on TLC (where else?) last weekend, viewers probably wondered how they could make a reality show about this illegal practice without the family getting in trouble. The answer is, they probably can’t:
It’s one thing to argue that polygamous marriages shouldn’t be legally recognized, and another thing to argue that this practice – even if it’s between consenting adults – should be a criminal offence. (Many abusive practices related to polygamy, of course, are criminal offences in their own right.) The United States Supreme Court deemed polygamy illegal in 1879, and has declined to rule on the matter since then. Here in Canada, a reference to the British Columbia Supreme Court is pending, and will probably make it to the Supreme Court of Canada eventually.
Video via The Daily Caller.

2 thoughts on “Sister Defendants?

  1. segacs says:

    Hey, I like HBO’s “Big Love”, too, but that’s fiction. It’s hard to sympathize too much with people who go on TV in pursuit of their 15 minutes of “reality” fame and then are shocked for getting in trouble for breaking the law publicly.

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