Life imitates art, sort of

Larry Wilcox, aka “the cop who wasn’t Erik Estrada” from “CHiPs”, plead guilty to securities fraud and became a police informant:

Larry Wilcox, who became famous for his role as Officer Jon Baker on the hit television series “CHiPs” decades ago, may have recently reprised his role of working in the world of law enforcement.
The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department
accused Mr. Wilcox and several others last week of securities fraud, saying they had paid illegal kickbacks in order to manipulate the share prices of penny-stock companies, Mr. Wilcox’s being a California operation called the UC Hub Group.
But what federal prosecutors did not say was that in regard to the criminal charges against him, Mr. Wilcox, 63, pleaded guilty months ago – and agreed to go undercover to assist federal law enforcement officials with their investigation.
On July 2, according to a court filing made public last week, Mr. Wilcox pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit security fraud, for which he now faces up to five years in prison. The news release issued by the United States attorney’s office in the Southern District of Florida last week announcing the complaint against Mr. Wilcox and others made no mention of that fact his case had already been resolved.
But even more interestingly, as part of that plea agreement, Mr. Wilcox agreed that – if asked by prosecutors – he would work “in an undercover role to contact and negotiate with other individuals under the supervision of, and in compliance with, law enforcement officers and agents.” (While Mr. Wilcox’s plea was reported last week, that passage was
pointed out Monday by Debbie Schlussel, a conservative blogger and lawyer.)
Mr. Wilcox also agreed to turn over documents and records when requested by law enforcement officials and to testify in front of a grand jury if necessary.
Whether Mr. Wilcox ended up going undercover between July and last week, when the authorities went public with the charges against the penny-stock promoters, is not known. His lawyer has not returned telephone messages from DealBook, and no one could be reached for comment at the United States attorney’s office in Miami, which was closed Monday in observance of Columbus Day.

Background here. Classic seventies-iffic opening credits sequence here:

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