More reasons not to drink and drive

You can be charged with impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada if your blood-alcohol level is above 0.08. But as of today, in Nova Scotia, you can lose your licence if you’re over 0.05:

Nova Scotia now has tougher penalties for people caught driving after they drink, even if they’re not legally drunk under the Criminal Code.
Starting Tuesday, drivers who have a blood-alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.08 — under the legal limit — will lose their licence for seven days, up from 24 hours.
The suspension increases to 15 days for a second offence and 30 days for a third.
These drivers will have to pay a fee of $89.63 to get their licence reinstated.
Transportation Minister Bill Estabrooks said it’s unacceptable to have even one beer before climbing behind the wheel.
“We just aren’t going to put up with it anymore,” he said. “So drivers beware: It begins today.”
Drivers who blow above the legal limit of 0.08 will still face charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.

2 thoughts on “More reasons not to drink and drive

  1. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Those penalties are meaningless. The only reason I need is to think of burying someone I love who had died due to a drunk driver, and know that others would feel the same if they had to because of me. It’s a shame so many can’t make that connection.

  2. Mark says:

    It is one thing to drive drunk, it is another to drive after a couple beers. You aren’t drunk and in no more danger of crashing than if you had a coke. This is just more neo-prohibitionist crap that adults shouldn’t have to put up with. It does nothing to stop the drunks from driving, all it does is harrass regular people who have had a beer with dinner or a beer after their rec hockey game. This is more about increasing insurance company’s profits and giving lawyers more work than it is about keeping our roads safe.

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