I represent dead people

If I were just a little more ambitious, I’d buy the rights to this story and turn it into the screenplay for a romantic comedy. (“Tell Laura I Love Her,” starring Katherine Heigl as the dead wife, Colin Firth as the grieving widower, 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski as the lawyer who can communicate with the deceased, and Betty White as a frisky judge. From the director of Valentine’s Day!)

The State Bar of Arizona is looking to throw the book at a Phoenix attorney who told a client that she was channeling his dead wife, then allegedly lied about it during an unrelated disciplinary proceeding.
…The report says that Johnson began representing the client involved with the most recent disciplinary action in 2000 in divorce proceedings after meeting him in a ballroom dancing class. The client’s wife committed suicide several months later, and Johnson handled the probate matters.
Within days of the death, Johnson began telling her client that “his deceased wife Jan had ‘come’ to her and that Jan’s ‘spirit’ was ‘inside’ her and that she could communicate Jan’s thoughts,” according to the report. The client testified that Johnson pressured him to have a sexual relationship with her, although she told the investigator that the references to sex were coming from the deceased wife, not herself.

Via @GabrielCheong.

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