HuffPost Divorce

I’m not a fan of shrill celebrity preaching, so the Huffington Post isn’t my thing. That said, I’ll give Arianna & Co. credit for launching a “Divorce” section. From her introduction:

I’ve always thought that, as a country, we do a lousy job of addressing how we can do divorce differently — and better. Especially when there are children involved.
Over a million children a year watch their parents get divorced — most of them wishing more than anything that mom and dad would get back together. That’s how it was with our oldest daughter, who was eight when her father and I broke up. She was devastated — and steadfastly refused to accept it. She kept pleading with me every day to go out to dinner with Daddy. I’m not sure if that was the influence of The Parent Trap, but she had convinced herself that a romantic candlelit dinner would solve all her parents’ problems. After all, if she loved both her parents so much, how could they not love each other? It was heartbreaking. But it motivated us to work hard to go beyond the inevitable anger and resentments of any divorce. This included spending every Christmas Day and both our daughters’ birthdays together as a family every year.
Our goal is to produce a fast, fearless, highly interactive guide to the profound changes divorce brings to families, friendships, careers, and finances — to say nothing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those going through it. We’ll bring you all the latest divorce news, plus fresh takes from our Divorce group bloggers.

True to Huffington Post form, the top story is a Nora Ephron book excerpt. (You still owe me 102 minutes of my life for Bewitched, Nora.)

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