Lord Ha-Ha George Galloway, free-speech hero, on keeping controversial people out of your country:

That’s from Galloway’s call-in show on Press TV, the Iranian-backed news/Holocaust-denial channel. If the air smells a little funny in Halifax on November 18, that’s when he’ll be speaking at St. Mary’s University.
I have to admit, part of me wants to see George Galloway get the Christie Blatchford treatment on his Canadian tour. Ultimately, however, his case is a prime example of how censorship (or attempted censorship) backfires. This fascist bootlicker has been turned into a martyr. Better to let him give his speeches, and then slither back under his rock, hopefully never to return.

One thought on “Flashback

  1. Blair Pritchett says:

    I totally agree with about the free speech issue. As soon as you silence a member of the lunatic fringe, they become a matyr. Surely such an idiot can’t convincingly defend himself in a free exchange of ideas.

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