Watch what you say about your ex online

If you go too far, it could cost you:

A former Maple Ridge family doctor has been fined $40,000 for posting nasty things about his former life partner on Facebook during a protracted custody battle over their young daughter.
“The reality is that Dr. [Patrick Michael] Nesbitt has taken his battle with [Wendy] Neufeld over custody and access far outside the ordinary confines of the Family Court litigation,” B.C. Supreme Court Justice R. Crawford said in a recent ruling.
Nesbitt and Neufeld are the parents of a daughter born in 2003, but they later separated and began custody hearings in 2006.
Neufeld was given primary care, while Nesbitt was awarded supervised access.
Neufeld sued for defamation and breach of privacy after Nesbitt waged an online battle against her, making vicious comments about her and some friends through such avenues as Facebook and YouTube.
One online site referred to Neufeld as “mean,” “weird” and “sneaky,” in addition to more mean-spirited postings.

Via Garry J. Wise, who also links to the written decision.

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