A New Year’s Resolution

Richard Sharp suggests that you try to resolve your differences with your former spouse:

…Dealing with a difficult ex can be very discouraging, frustrating and defeating. Your efforts to minimise conflict may not be returned. Attempts to foster a working relationship with the ex, for “the sake of the children”, may prove a thankless task.
But the rewards for you and in particular your relationship with your children can be significant. What parents do during and after a separation or divorce – how they parent, how they handle their emotions, how they relate to each other and work together – is the key to their children’s resilience in coping with their parent’s separation or divorce. Research has shown that it is not the divorce but the way you divorce that impacts children.
The following five tips may help you to minimise if not resolve that conflict with your ex…

Via @GalbraithFamLaw.

2 thoughts on “A New Year’s Resolution

  1. 8bEbgcBBi says:

    Been there. Done that. Got the lousy T-shirt and $25k+ in lawyers’ bills anyway.
    Here’s why.
    “Your efforts to minimise conflict may not be returned. ”
    Instead, it was seen as a sign of weakness and opportunity to insert knife and twist…knowing I wouldn’t fight back… which, itself, became a self-justifying feedback to inflict more damage.
    Now, I just ignore the ex entirely. Funny that because my relationship with my kids is improving because of it.

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