Live Through This

In a case that promises to be interesting and wildly entertaining, Courtney Love is being sued for defamation because of things she posted on Twitter:

In a potentially precedent-setting trial, Courtney Love is being sued for talking s**t on Twitter, specifically a series of comments directed at fashion designer Dawn Simonrangkir (a.k.a the “Boudoir Queen”), who claims that Love’s tweets—including allegations that Simonrangkir is “a drug-pushing prostitute with a history of assault and battery who lost custody of her own child and capitalized on Love’s fame before stealing from her”—amount to career-damaging defamation.


Love has already given a deposition in which she argued that she was only repeating on Twitter what she’d heard from Simonrangkir herself—obviously, Simonrangkir denies that—and while the whole “you’re a drug-addled mess who lost custody of her child and who has a history of capitalizing on other people’s fame” could likely be settled with a citation of Pot v. Kettle, the case will, interestingly enough, most likely come down to what’s being called “an insanity defense for social media.” Love’s team of witnesses reportedly includes a medical expert who will testify that Love’s mental state at the time of her tweets was not “subjectively malicious,” and that “Twitter was so appealing and addictive for Love that she had no appreciation for how the comments she posted would be received by others.” We’re no experts, but the argument that Courtney Love clearly has no idea that the insane s**t she posts on Twitter is being read by actual people outside of her own brain seems to be the sort of defense those in the legal profession call “airtight.”

More at The Hollywood Reporter. Love’s current twitter feed now features nothing but relatively benign photos, suggesting that she’s either been miraculously cured or got her handlers to scrub it clean. (No matter how much you hate your job, thank God you’re not the guy who has to read all of Courtney Love’s tweets and delete the ones that might get her sued.)

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