Another reason to pay your child support

In Prince Edward Island, falling behind on your support payments could affect your credit rating:

P.E.I. has added another method to its toolbox for getting people to make support payments to children and ex-spouses: the threat of a bad credit rating.


A law allowing the department to report self-employed deadbeat parents to credit agencies was already on the books, but there were no guidelines about what information and how much could be shared with the credit agency, Coady-MacAulay said. For that reason the law was rarely used.

But with recent changes to the Maintenance Enforcement Act, the province hopes the possibility of a bad credit rating will be an incentive for business owners to pay up.

“They could report that default payer to a credit reporting agency and it can have an impact on the default payer’s rating,” Coady-MacAulay said.

The new measure will only be used as a last resort, she said, but now that the guidelines and procedures are in place, officials are ready to use them to get payments to people who need them.

In Ontario, failure to pay support could result in your car being impounded.  Whether you believe this is fair or not, the lesson is clear: if, because of a lost job or other change of circumstances, your income has decreased and you can no longer afford to maintain your child (or spousal) support payments, see a lawyer immediately and commence a court application to vary the payments.

It may take some time for your application to be heard, but in my experience (in Nova Scotia), the Maintenance Enforcement Program will hold off garnishing your income or taking other punitive action if a variation application has been started.  They will want regular updates on the situation, of course, but it’s important to make a good-faith effort to rectify the situation at once.

3 thoughts on “Another reason to pay your child support

  1. crjc says:

    Good faith? With these clowns? Are you kidding me?

    I know. You’re a lawyer. You *have* to say that. It’s your job. No judge would hear you if you didn’t.

    It is utterly unconscionable for any Christian to obey the variations of Family Law Act. The Act itself is unlawful under the Common Law. There can be no “good faith” with thieves and con artists.

    Fortunately these Socialist thieves are as incompetent as they are greedy. No credit? Usury is forbidden to a practicing Christian, as is reliance on a cult of mendacious liars and its designed-to-fail paper economy.

    Repudiating your SIN (Social Insurance Number) and living entirely outside the Socialist cult does have its challenges, but it is well worth it. The free market (or black market, in Commie-speak) is half or more of all trade in Canada. How many people who eschew the red market are men? How many of these have been persecuted by the Socialists in “Family Courts” under laws designed to abolish marriage and destroy families, as called for in their silly Communist Manifesto?

    It’s like Kate says: pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends.

    Peace be with you.

  2. crjc says:

    You gonna tell us the Family Law Act wasn’t designed on purpose to abolish marriage and destroy our families? I’m a geneologist by trade. 1/3 of Canadian families are already extinct, and another 1/3 are down to a few elderly survivors.

    I won’t help someone who is married escape their marriage. I have covered for many who were harassed for cash by a Bolshevik wife, or by a whore for her bastard.

    Excommunicate the Crown. It is the proper Christian thing to do. Beats killing yourself. It even beats taking the wife and kids with you. Ever look at Canada’s suicide rates? Advising men to bother with these courts is cruelty. But like I said, you’d be out of a job, wouldn’t you?

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