Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa

My latest book review for Canadian Lawyer has been posted.  Bill Rowe’s account of his experiences as Newfoundland and Labrador’s “ambassador” to Ottawa, while Danny Williams and Paul Martin feuded over equalization payments and offshore oil revenues, doesn’t do enough to make Newfoundland’s case, but it does humorously show what happens behind closed doors in the nation’s capital.

One thought on “Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa

  1. Rod Hebner says:

    This post is coming a little late and a buck short but it’s worth the longshot of trying as the time is ripe, the need is strong and requirements are many. The Federal Liberal Party has just sustained the worst election loss and they desperately need a leader with a strong, honest, track record to build and restructure the party. I strongly believe Danny Williams would be the very best choice in becoming the next new leader of the Federal Liberal Party. Bumping heads with Stephen Harper wouldn’t
    be anything new as he’s been there, done that and came out smiling. It would be very much appreciated if somebody could tempt Mr Williams to consider offering his leadership skills to the Federal Liberal Party, their caucus and their supporters.

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