Via The Volokh Conspiracy, news of another blasphemy prosecution in Pakistan:

Campaigners yesterday demanded the release of a schoolboy who was arrested and imprisoned for writing alleged blasphemous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad on an exam paper. Under the country’s draconian laws, he could face the death penalty.

A magistrate ordered Muhammad Samiullah, 17, to be held at a juvenile detention centre in Karachi after the chief controller of the pupil’s school exam board filed a complaint to police.


It is unclear what Mr Samiullah may have written. When the police were asked about his alleged offence, they declined to elaborate, suggesting that it would blasphemous to repeat the words written. It is often the case, human rights groups say, that the evidence is disputable in cases of alleged blasphemy. [emphasis added]

Good thing a place like this doesn’t have nuclear weapons…uh oh.

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