Just For Men

A family law firm in Jacksonville, Florida, specializes in representing male clients only:

Ask lawyer Kenny Leigh if he would ever represent a female client and he’ll say no.

He’ll also tell you he’s not sexist but railing against a Family Court system that is unfair to men.

At 41, the Jacksonville lawyer has built what appears to be a successful law practice branded on the slogan, “Men Only. Family Law Only.”

And while Leigh said he’s finished with that slogan, the attorney said his firm’s philosophy won’t change.

“The only thing that’s very consistent about family law is how unfair it is to men,” Leigh said in a January sit-down interview. “The current system turns a father into a visitor and a paycheck.”

Leigh said dropping that particular slogan is connected to hiring an advertising firm. He said it’s not related to a recent letter from The Florida Bar that mentions a professional conduct code about not engaging in conduct that discriminates based on things including gender.

I can accept that the family court system may treat men and women differently, but I’m not sure why any lawyer would automatically write off 50% of his potential client base.  (And in response to the obvious question: yes, there are lawyers who represent only women, too.)

2 thoughts on “Just For Men

  1. Bruce says:

    It sounds like clever niche marketing. Family law is a hugely competitive market, and the trick is to create a competitive niche to differentiate yourself from other lawyers and law firms. As the saying goes, “if you can’t do it better, do it different.”

  2. ebt says:

    The problem I see is that, if the courts are indeed strongly prejudiced against men (and it seem clear to me that they are, very much so), then a male lawyer who represents only men and publicly calls out the court for its prejudice is basically guaranteeing that he will lose, big, every time. Is there really a market for that? I ask sincerely. I know the family law business to be as close to entirely irrational as I’ve ever seen a business be, and it seems possible that there is market that will pay to lose big with the right attitude. But have you folks in the field actually seen it?

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