It’s not funny anymore

Charlie Sheen has dominated the news this week – now, there’s a phrase I never thought I’d be writing in 2011 – but a backlash is brewing.  New Republic article savaging the TV networks for enabling Sheen’s increasingly erratic behavior is getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere, and people who eagerly signed up to follow Sheen’s twitter account (including me) have been disappointed.

I’ll admit it: I’ve been enjoying Sheen’s antics these past few days.  But the latest news, involving his children, is a reality check:

Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife Brooke Mueller obtained a restraining order to keep the actor away from her and their sons because she was afraid of threatening statements the actor had made in recent days, including stabbing her in the eye with a pen knife.

The order prompted police to take the twins from Sheen’s Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday night and return them to Mueller’s care.

She told the court in a filing that the “Two and a Half Men” star had also refused to return the boys to her. The order, filed Tuesday and obtained by The Associated Press, requires Sheen to stay 100 yards away from Mueller and their twin sons, Max and Bob.

According to a sworn declaration filed in the case, Mueller said Sheen told her in a phone call Sunday night, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom!”

She also claimed that Sheen threatened to stab her in the eye with a pen knife, and that he spit on her feet and punched her on the arm during a recent trip to the Bahamas.


Sheen has rarely seen the boys in the past year, but took the boys on Saturday and refused to return them, she wrote.

“I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for the children’s safety while in his care,” Mueller wrote.

Text messages sent to Sheen Wednesday morning for comment were not immediately returned. A phone message left for Sheen’s divorce attorney, Mark Gross, was not immediately returned. A hearing on the order is scheduled for March 22.

Sheen has always had a history of domestic violence and disturbing behavior, helpfully recapped by What Would Tyler Durden Do:

…here’s a few of the times Charlie Sheen has been accused of hitting a woman.

– He shot Kelly Preston. (imdb)
– He hit a UCLA co-ed in the back of the head after she refused to sleep with him. (people)
– He flung Brittany Ashland to the ground, which split open her lip and would require 7 stitches. (e!)
– He held a knife to the throat of his wife Brooke Mueller. (daily mail)
– He threatened to kill Denise Richards and Capri Anderson. (peoplenydn)

And then there’s the alleged antisemitism, 9/11 conspiracy stuff, and his friendship with lunatic radio host Alex Jones (who believes every conspiracy theory, even the ones that contradict the others).  This guy isn’t just eccentric: he’s deeply disturbed, and a potentially danger to himself and his family.  That makes it hard to laugh with or at him, and I suspect the backlash is only going to get bigger over the next few days.

One thought on “It’s not funny anymore

  1. Robert says:

    So this may be funny for you Damian, if you practise a lot of family law. Brooke goes on a vacation with her ex…. stays silent… everything is good…. then claims abuse because he stepped on her toe in the Bahamas.

    This kind of stuff happens all the time in custody battles. This is not just for stars, drunks or famous people… The restraining order is simply a method to gain a stronger argument for status quo of the children who now live with Brooke. Charlie should be paying Brooke the rest of any earnings that he ever gets.

    This is a yucky topic, however I appreciate you opening the door for this type of comment… and hopefully debate.

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