Father of the year

This is why Theodore Dalrymple will never run out of things to write about:

As Britain’s most feckless father, Keith MacDonald has done almost everything he can to escape responsibility for his eight children by eight women.

But just when many thought the jobless layabout could stoop no lower, he posed as a friend to announce his own death by text.

With a ninth child on the way, the binman’s son was desperate to avoid paying out any more than the £5 a week he currently gives towards each of his other children.

He sent a text message to his pregnant former girlfriend Clare Bryant, 22, telling her: ‘Keith is dead.’


MacDonald, who is paid £44 a week in income support and has never held down a permanent job, denies fathering all but one of his children on the grounds that they have different hair colour from him.

It is claimed that he may have fathered up to 15 children, by 14 mothers. MacDonald, who met the majority of his conquests at bus stops, currently spends most of his benefits on lager and fruit machines.

Not unrelated:

One thought on “Father of the year

  1. D A Noble says:

    Actually, there is another similar story, also our of the UK. I don’t have a link, but recall seeing it on the Internet in the past year. There is a family, somewhere in the mid-England part of the UK, of three or four members – parents and one or two children in their late teens or early twenties – who have all been on the dole for their entire lives.

    The amazing part is that they are very indignant that the authorities won’t give them more payouts so that they can move to better more appropriate housing. The sense of entitlement is breath-taking.

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