T.O. wants to pay less

The 2011 NFL season started without the notorious Terrell Owens on a roster, so he’s applying to reduce his child support payments:

A representative for Owens spoke to TMZ about the importance of the 37-year-old football free agent wide receiver getting his payments lowered. According to Newsone, Owens’ was ordered to pay $5,000 monthly.

“His child support payments should mirror his income today and not be based on his income from over four years ago,” the source said.

However, Owens failed to show up at his child support hearing in Northern California on Oct. 24. While TMZ reports that the veteran football star attempted to change his court appointment, representatives for the mother of his child.

The football star has made headlines in the past for his failure to make timely child support payments. In June, Newsone reported that the mother filed court papers seeking to hold Owens in contempt for failure to pay child support.

T.O. is not exactly a sympathetic character, but he does have a point.  If a child support payor loses his job, that is usually a material change of circumstances for which his support payments should be reduced accordingly.

If his support arrears arise from his playing days, however, he’ll have a hard time convincing the court that the arrears should be reduced or forgiven.  And the recipient can argue that Owens is still capable of earning some money on reality television, or in a lesser football league:

Suffice it to say, this is not quite what Terrell Owens had in mind when he had a televised workout Tuesday in an effort to show he was ready for a comeback.

The Arena Football League’s Chicago Rush became the first team to offer Owens a contract — a “standard player agreement,” which comes with a salary of $400 per week.

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