George Zimmerman’s lawyers have withdrawn from the case:

Apparently George Zimmerman called Sean Hannity on his own, and hasn’t told his lawyers what they talked about.

In their announcement, they’re clearly agitated by Zimmerman’s media strategy (namely, the fact that he’s been talking publicly at all).

“It’s his right to talk to whoever he wants to…”

The lawyers have left the door open to future representation if he comes back to them.

The lawyers are making clear that Zimmerman hasn’t fled. They have a pretty good idea where he is, they say.

It really does seem to come down to the fact that the lawyers can’t represent a guy who’s not talking to his lawyers, but IS communicating through the media without consultation.

On George Zimmerman setting up his own website: “I wish he would have told me.”

Can’t say I blame them.

Update: Doug Mataconis does blame them for holding a press conference and revealing information they should have kept to themselves.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    I agree the lawyers’ press conference was unseemly and irresponsible, but the criticism, “they very well may have … made it even more difficult for the prosecution to try any case they might bring against him,” strikes me as bizarre. Making it difficult to prosecute their client is part of their job.

  2. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    Zimmerman’s current attorney, Mark O’Mara, had some choice comments about his previous representation:

    “I think that was a little problematic. You’re not supposed to talk about a client’s case, for the most part at all, and yet they answered dozens of questions,” he said in remarks reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

    When asked by an anchor if that could be detrimental to the case put forward by Zimmerman’s eventual lawyer, he responded: “Very potentially. If George Zimmerman came to me tomorrow and said, ‘I want you to represent me,’ I would look at the press conference and say, ‘Mr. Uhrig identified a potential defense. He outlined the facts of what happened, and he cemented what George Zimmerman can now say.’ And that’s problematic if other evidence comes out that conflicts with it.”

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