Good news, unmarried women of Nova Scotia!

You’ll soon be able to legally own land and enter into a contract.  Progress!

Nearing the turn of the 20th century, travelling by horse was still the way to go, the tallest building in Toronto was just seven storeys high and in Nova Scotia, it wasn’t OK for a married woman to own property in her name alone.

Or sign a contract.

Not OK at all, until the prov­ince enacted legislation to let it happen, a little more than a cen­tury ago.

“At that time, the practice was that a married woman couldn’t own property individually. An unmarried woman could, but a married woman couldn’t,” said Justice Department spokes­man Dan Harrison.

“Common law has advanced past that. We don’t need to have that anymore.”

As a result, the province says it is getting ready to eliminate six pieces of outdated legislation whose time has come — and gone.

Via @natnewswatch.

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