They went looking for a good movie, and couldn’t find it anywhere

The jokers behind the We Hate Movies podcast actually expect me to believe they made a sequel to Easy Rider.  Yeah, right.  I mean, look at this obviously fake trailer they put together:

They went all out, with a fake website for this fake movie.  And a fake imdb entry, and a fake Hollywood Reporter story, and…um…


I have no interest in seeing this movie, but I would be very interested in watching a documentary about how it came to be:

…From what I can make out, [Phil] Pitzer, a retired (and apparently rich) Cincinnati lawyer, bought the sequel rights to Easy Rider with several other investors around 2003, when the then-current rights’ holder was sued for failing to proceed with a proposed sequel. Pitzer and his group then planned on including deleted scenes from the original movie to pad out their own sequel, which sparked a law suit from original Easy Rider producer Bert Schneider, who claimed Pitzer didn’t legally own the sequel rights. A complicated law suit followed, which Pitzer and his investment group eventually won, and filming began in 2007 in of all places, Springfield, Ohio. Various news articles over the years would have Pitzer claiming the movie was ready for release…only to have the date come and go with no movie in sight. Now, one would assume the movie that’s on this disc is the final version of Pitzer and company’s “vision;” whether or not it has or will play in a legitimate theater is another matter.

By the way, the main character in the alleged movie, younger brother of Peter Fonda’s “Captain America,” is played by…Phil Pitzer.  Check out his imdb page.  Assuming that’s not fake, too.

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