Jewish group to host Holocaust denier

The extreme left, it turns out, is still capable of surprising me.

A fringe Toronto-based Jewish organization called Beit Zatoun is hosting a presentation by the famously happy and well-adjusted Ken O’Keefe on April 28. (via Eye on a Crazy Planet) Once a somewhat revered figure by the mainstream anti-war movement, O’Keefe is now better known for ranting about “fucking Jews” on YouTube and appearing on David Duke’s radio show.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a 9/11 and Sandy Hook troofer, Kooky Ken has also used his twitter feed to promote Holocaust denial.

Even for the rabid anti-Zionists of Beit Zeitoun, I figured this would be a bridge too far. But in an age where activist websites can declare that anti-Semitism may someday become respectable if Jews don’t stop acting so persecuted, I guess anything is possible.

Should O’Keefe even be allowed into the country? As with most creatures like him, I think it’s better to let him enter than to turn him into a martyr. The good news is, O’Keefe doesn’t always have the best luck being allowed onto planes to begin with.

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