Donald Trump would have banned him from studying in America

A Muslim student at Atlanta’s Emory University, caught up in the Dhaka terrorist attack was allowed to leave but refused to abandon his friends.  It cost him his life.

One of the victims of the Dhaka cafe shooting was a Muslim student who, despite being allowed to leave by the militants responsible, refused to desert his friends and fellow hostages.

Faraz Hossain, a Bangladeshi student at Emory University in the US, was killed alongside 19 others including Abinta Kabir, who was studying at the same US university.

His nephew Hishaan said Mr Hossain had been offered the chance to leave the cafe along with women wearing hijabs.

However, according to the New York Times, when the two women accompanying him in Western clothes were refused, he chose to stay behind and was subsequently killed.

Twenty people were killed in the attack on Holey Artisan Bakery in the Bangladeshi capital including seven Japanese aid workers, an Indian student and nine Italian businessmen and women.


The militants reportedly tortured and killed any hostage unable to recite a verse from the Qur’an.

The left says Islamist terrorists aren’t “really” Muslims – giving the faith a benefit of the doubt they’d never extend to any other religion, especially not Christianity – while the right says Islamist terrorists represent all Muslims, even the heroic Mr. Hossain and the overwhelming majority of ISIS’ victims.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle: ISIS and other Islamist organizations represent an extremist interpretation of the Islamic faith which considers non-Muslims infidels and other Muslims apostates.  While the likes of Trump try to set Muslims and non-Muslims against each other, most of us face a common enemy.

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