Trump is always the victim


Louise Mensch belives the Melania Trump’s plaigiarism was set up to take the focus off all the other disasters befalling the GOP convention and the Trump presidential campaign:

Look, of course Melania Trump didn’t write the speech. And of course a speechwriter plaigiarized Michelle Obama. But this wasn’t a mess-up or a foul.

Let’s assume the speechwriter has Michelle’s speech in front of him. He chuckles as he lifts a paragraph practically word for word. He knows perfectly well that this is the age of the internet and that it will instantly be found online.

He also knows that Trump has no money, and that Melania is Trump’s third wife, without accomplishments other than some risqué modeling. He further knows that SOMETHING has to be done to get the media talking about something other than the hellish Trumpster Fire of the RNC convention – Reince Priebus gerrymandering the rules, the WWE style Trump-entrance, the rows upon rows of empty seats, the embarrassing, political pastoral prayer opening – and the total lack of Republican superstars like, say, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He knows that the narrative will be all about Melania’s thick, immigrant accent, making Donald look like a hypocrite, or those poofy chef’s hats she wore on her sleeves, or reprints of Melania’s semi-nude modeling days. The Trump campaign has got to get you talking about something completely different.

Personally, I wonder if this might have been set up for another reason: to get everyone piling on Trump’s wife, giving him yet another opportunity to play the victim card.

As I’ve been saying for months, this world-famous millionaire (I don’t believe he is a billionaire) has based his entire campaign around being a victim and appealing to his followers’ sense of victimhood.  The media is unfair to him.  The Republican insiders are trying to sabotage his campaign.  The Mexicans and Muslims are taking away jobs and making the streets unsafe.  The Chinese are tricking the U.S. government into signing unfair trade deals.  Whine, whine, whine.

If part of Melania Trump’s speech hadn’t been blatantly lifted from Michelle Obama’s speech, today we’d be talking about Chachi and the guy from Duck Dynasty speaking at the convention.  Instead, it’s all about the alleged sins of the candidate’s wife – and I guarantee Trump has speech notes all set to go about how “unfair” and “mean” the media is being toward his wife and family.

Am I reading too much into what might be simple incompetence by a hopelessly compromised campaign?  Maybe.  But we’ve underestimated Trump for over a year, and look where he ended up.

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