Red Ink

Hey, as long as we’re on the subject of once-great political parties who’ve collectively lost their friggin’ minds, let’s cross the Atlantic and see what Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is up to:

There must be a “socialist” solution to media ownership in the UK, Unite’s chief of staff insisted last night.

Speaking at a Momentum meeting on “Jeremy Corbyn and media bias,” Andrew Murray said there had to be a “change in ownership” away from the “tax exiles and ne’er-do-wells” who currently own most newspapers and broadcast media.

“In the end when we address media power, we have to address the question of ownership,” he said.

“People say we need better regulation, but the problem is ownership and control. That is the heart of it. And socialism applies to the media just as much as any other industry.”


One woman compared the British media to the spoon that Keanu Reeves’ character holds in The Matrix.

“In the Matrix Neo goes to see the Oracle and he sees a child bending a spoon and he wants to know how can I bend the spoon, and she says it’s not the spoon that bends, it’s you that bends and I really feel that it’s the media that needs to bend towards this newer type of politics that Jeremy Corbyn is trying to create.”

Paranoid people love their Matrix analogies, don’t they?  (And, yes, like most ridiculous, unworkable and vaguely totalitarian ideas, this was plugged in Salon not long ago.)

Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t be more different in style, but the similarities between them and their political parties – conspiratorial, cultish, antisemitic and financially tied to hostile foreign powers – is truly striking.

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